Thailand Visa

  • Thailand Visa Regulations

    Thailand Visa Regulations British Passport holders are entitled to enter Thailand under the "Visa Exemption Rule" provided they meet all of the following criteria:

    • Purpose of visit is strictly tourism.
    • Must be in possession of a confirmed flight ticket (e-ticket acceptable) to show they will be flying out of Thailand within 30 days or 15 days of entry, as appropriate. Open tickets do not qualify. Travelling overland out of Thailand by train, bus, etc to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia (including en route to Singapore), Myanmar (Burma), etc is not accepted as proof of exiting Thailand. You may be asked to show your flight ticket on entering Thailand. If you do not possess a flight ticket to show you will be exiting Thailand within 30 or 15 days of entry you are likely to be refused entry and may not even be allowed to check in for your flight to Thailand.
    • Having access to living expenses of 20,000 baht (approx £300) per person or 40,000 baht (approx £600) per family. It may be necessary to be able to prove this on entry. A visa fee may be levied on persons entering Thailand under the Visa Exemption Rule. A person travelling on a "UK Travel Document" (blue cover), a "UK Certificate of Identity" (brown cover) or a "British National Overseas Passport" (brown cover), whatever their nationality, cannot enter Thailand under the "Visa Exemption Rule". Such persons are subject to the visa rules applying to their nationality.

    *Information updated on 31 March 2012 and correct at time of publishing. You are strongly advised to check with the embassy concerned for the latest regulations and no warranties are given as to the accuracy of this information.

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