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Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Your Agreement with The Wise Miser

    By confirming your travel details with us, you are accepting that the terms of this agreement apply to your travel arrangements. This also applies to the conditions of any contract made with any supplier. This agreement is made on the terms of these booking conditions, which are governed by English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. A contract will exist as soon as we issue our confirmation invoice.

  • 2. Third party rights

    A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these booking terms and conditions. This paragraph does not affect any right or remedy of any person which exists or is available otherwise than pursuant to that Act.

  • 3. Supplier Terms and Conditions / Airline Conditions of Carriage

    The supplier(s') Terms and Conditions and the airline’s Conditions of Carriage will apply to your booking and we advise you to read these carefully as they do contain important information about your booking. Please ask us for copies of these if you do not have them.

  • 4. Packages

    By confirming your travel details with us, you are accepting that the terms of this agreement apply to your travel arrangements. This also applies to the conditions of any contract made with any supplier. This agreement is made on the terms of these booking conditions, which are governed by English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. A contract will exist as soon as we issue our confirmation invoice.

  • 5. Your Travel Arrangement’s Price & Payment

    Prices advertised are inclusive of tax unless otherwise stated. Prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Prices are per person unless otherwise stated, and are subject to availability. Seasonal surcharges may apply depending on the date of travel. We reserve the right to alter the prices of any of the travel arrangements advertised. You will be advised of the current price before your contract is confirmed. Prices are not guaranteed until full payment is made. To confirm your travel arrangements you will be required to pay a deposit per person in addition to any applicable supplements advised at time of booking. Some airfares are booked at especially competitive rates to which the airlines may attach severe restrictions. You may be asked to pay for these in full at the time of booking and they may be non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. Details will be given at the time of booking. Please note all deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Changes in transportation costs, including the cost of fuel, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and airports and exchange rates mean that the price of your travel arrangements may change after you have booked. You will be advised immediately. The Wise Miser will collect all mandatory taxes, however some countries may charge a departure tax that must be paid locally. We advise our clients to retain sufficient local currency to meet these charges.

  • 6. Payments

    For payments by bank transfer or cheque, please ensure you check the exact amount with your travel consultant.

    1. Personal (and Company) Cheques.

    The Wise Miser does accept personal and company cheques and these should be made payable to The Wise Miser. We require ten working days for cheque clearance before tickets can be issued and hotels booked. Please confirm with your travel consultant that there is sufficient time between cheque payment and any ticketing deadline. Foreign currency cheques are not acceptable.

    2. Bank and Building Society Drafts.

    Once the relevant bank or building society can verify the cheque, these are treated as cash.

    3. Cash.

    Please do not post us cash.

    4. Cards.

    a) Debit cards are accepted at no extra charge.

    b) We also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, but a merchant fee of between 2% and 3% applies.

    5. Direct Credit/Bank Transfer.

    Please contact your bank for details, using our bank details as provided by your consultant. Please notify the consultant you have booked through once payment has been made.

  • 7. Flights and Flight Travel Documents

    Your ticket and travel documents are your document of travel and the information on the ticket/voucher/invoice is deemed correct. It is your responsibility to check your air tickets and other documents immediately upon receipt. If any details are incorrect you must advise us immediately. Please note that a flight described in your flight ticket as "direct" will not necessarily be non-stop. All departure/arrival times on your flight ticket are provided by the airlines concerned and are estimates only. They may change due to air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, operational/maintenance requirements and the requirement for passengers to check in on time. We are unable to make any special arrangements for you if you are delayed; these matters are at the sole discretion of the airline concerned.

  • 8. If You Change Your Booking

    If, after our confirmation invoice has been issued, you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way, for example your chosen departure date or accommodation, we will do our utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing from the lead named passenger. You will be asked to pay an administration charge and any further cost we incur in making this alteration. You should be aware that these costs could increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible. Note: Certain travel arrangements (e.g. Advance Purchase Tickets) may not be changeable after a reservation has been made and any alteration request could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements. When changing airline and train tickets we may have to rebook you to current fares, this may result in an increase in the cost of your ticket and taxes that we will have to pass on to you. These charges will be in addition to any date change penalties you were advised of at the time of booking. Please note: Name changes are not permitted in any instance. Flights must be taken in the order that they are booked. If you do not check in on a confirmed flight, the airline will register you as a ‘no show’ and the remainder of your ticket will be cancelled.

  • 9. If You Cancel Your Booking

    You may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Written notification from the lead passenger and the original tickets/vouchers must be received by email or post. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges which could be up to 100%. Any refund due to you will only be paid once we have received the refund from the supplier. Please note this may take up to four months. If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges from your insurer.

  • 10. If We Change or Cancel Your Holiday

    Occasionally, we or our supplier may have to make changes to your original booking and we/they reserve the right to do so at any time. If you have not booked a package, we cannot accept any liability or costs incurred that may result from these changes. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you of them at the earliest possible date.

    In accordance with EU Regulation 2111/2005 we are required to advise you of the actual carrier operating your flight/connecting flight/transfer. Any changes to the actual airline after you have received your tickets will be notified to you as soon as possible and in all cases at check-in or at the boarding gate.

    Please note that carriers such as Airlines may be subject to change. Such a change is deemed to be a minor change. Other examples of minor changes include alteration of your outward/return flights by less than 12 hours, changes to aircraft type, change of accommodation to another of the same standard or higher. No compensation will be paid for these.

    We also reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel it. This also includes for reasons of force majeure, pandemic or epidemic illness or failure by you to pay the final balance.

    If you have booked a package and we are unable to provide the booked travel arrangements, you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from us, if available (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value). If it is necessary to cancel your travel arrangements, we will pay to you compensation.

    Compensation Table

    55-29 days £10

    28-15 days £20

    14-8 days £30

    7-0 days £40

    Force Majeure: This means that we will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include, for example, war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster (such as volcanic ash), fire, adverse weather conditions and unavoidable technical problems with transport.

  • 11. Tours and Excursions

    Some tours and excursions operate with a minimum of two or more participants. In the unlikely event that the tour has to be cancelled, you will be informed immediately and your monies refunded. Excursions or other tours that you may choose to book or pay for whilst you are on holiday are not part of your package holiday provided by us. For any excursion or other tour that you book locally, your contract will be with the operator of the excursion or tour and not with us. We are not responsible for the provision of the excursion or tour or for anything that happens during the course of its provision by the operator. Local conditions can and do change, sometimes at short notice and it is possible that the program or running of any excursion or tour may be changed at short notice and sometimes without prior notification.

  • 12. Airline Ticket Refunds

    Where a ticket is refundable, the tickets will be forwarded to the relevant airline for their consideration. Once we have received any refund, we will forward it onto you less any cancellation and administration charges. Refunds for part used tickets are always less than pro-rata and may have no refund value whatsoever. Refunds usually take 12 weeks to process however this may take longer. Tickets returned more than one year from date of issue are classed as expired by the airline and generally have no refund value at all.

  • 13. Flight Reconfirmations and Schedule Changes

    We are not liable if there is any change to a departure/arrival time previously given to you or shown on your ticket. Please confirm all flights with the relevant airlines and check there have been no time changes to your original itinerary. While we will endeavour to inform you of any changes brought to our attention prior to departure, we will be unable to do so after departure. Failure to reconfirm any sector of your itinerary may result in you needing to purchase a new flight.

  • 14. Ticketing

    The maximum validity for any ticket is one year. However, the majority of tickets are valid for less. For scheduled airlines, the validity of your ticket will be displayed on your itinerary.

  • 15. Seating & Special Requests

    If you have any seating or special requests, we will pass these on to the relevant airline or supplier. The Wise Miser cannot guarantee any requests as these are entirely at the airline’s or supplier’s discretion.

  • 16. Baggage Allowance

    If you are unsure of your baggage allowance please contact the relevant airline or your consultant.

  • 17. Health Requirements

    Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary worldwide. You should obtain health advice on your specific needs as early as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure you have fully complied with all health and immunization requirements of the country you are visiting. Please contact your GP.

  • 18. Passports & Visas

    It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel. Many destinations require that the traveller’s passport has at least 6 months validity from the date of return. For travel to/via the USA a machine-readable passport is required. If you need information regarding visa and other travel document requirements for your trip please let us know. We can obtain such information from an external visa advisory service provider on your behalf. We do not warrant the accuracy of such information and accept no liability for any loss or damage, which you may suffer in reliance on it. If you wish, we can obtain visas for you through this external service and fees will apply. Please allow adequate time to obtain any such advice or documents. If you are travelling to the United States please see for information regarding compulsory pre-registration for their visa waiver program. Please note, you may not meet the requirements of ESTA and may be required to obtain a visa.

  • 19. Airline Passenger Information

    Some countries and airlines are required by law to supply certain information to immigration authorities and failure to provide this information could result in the passenger being denied boarding. If you do not have this information to hand at the time of booking, please ensure you contact your consultant at the earliest opportunity. The information required is: Your passport details and country of residence and, for the USA only, the address of your first night's stay.

  • 20. Insurance

    For all travel, The Wise Miser would recommend that you purchase travel insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure you have valid travel insurance that covers your needs.

  • 21. Travel Advice

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. We strongly advise you go to to find out more about your destination/s prior to the commencement of travel

  • 22. If You Have a Complaint

    If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotelier) who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to our Customer Services Department at Alpha House, 100 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. It is strongly recommended that you communicate any complaint to the supplier of the services in question without delay and complete a report form whilst in resort. If you fail to follow this procedure we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in resort and this may affect your rights under this contract.