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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed? Do I need to reconfirm my flight?

    When you complete your booking, which will happen after you have submitted your credit card details and pressed the confirm button, you will reach a booking confirmation page on the website. Your booking is only complete once you reach this confirmation page. You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail shortly afterwards. Both the e-mail and the confirmation page contain the details and price of your order, along with your reference number. You should quote this reference number if you need to get in touch with us, as it will help us to identify your order. If you do not see the confirmation page or receive the e-mail, your booking may not have been confirmed. There is no need to reconfirm your flights before departure from the UK though you must reconfirm any onward or return flights with the airline you are travelling with.

  • What is an e-ticket?

    E-ticketing is an extremely convenient way of travelling because it confirms your air ticket purchase without the need for a hard-copy record. The airline you are flying with stores all the ticket data on its computer, which means there is no paper ticket for you to collect and -more importantly - no ticket to lose. With an e-ticket, all you need to do is go straight to the check-in desk with a valid passport and a copy of the email confirmation sent out by the wise miser confirming your itinerary. Once these have been checked and verified, your boarding pass will be issued.

  • How can I cancel my Ticket / Flight?

    In writing or by speaking to one of our Customer Relations agents on the telephone. All cancellation requests need to be received prior to departure. Reservations will be cancelled automatically if any payment has not been received within 72 hours of the booking. All tickets are issued on a non-refundable / non-endorsable basis unless otherwise stated. Conditions under which cancellations can be made are explained in our booking terms and conditions.

  • When will I receive my Tickets?

    You should expect to receive your tickets/vouchers within 7 days of your date of travel. If travel is within 7 days your ticket will be sent within 24 hours. For Registered Mail (within the UK) or courier deliveries a signatory must be at the delivery address at the